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Cover against loss or damage to your home and/or its contents. In most cases, you would be expected to carry an initial share of the risk such as the first £100 of any claim; this is known as the 'excess'. The amount of the excess will vary depending on the risk and is likely to be £1,000 or more for damage caused by movement of the property. If you have a mortgage, it will be a mandatory requirement that the property is protected by an insurance policy for the full repair costs (there may be exceptions). It is sensible to insure for the full cost of repairs or replacements else any claim will not be met in full.


Cover against loss or damage to your home, while temporarily unoccupied. Most insurances are void if the owner (or tenant) is not in residence. It may be possible to arrange specialist cover to protect your property during a period of your temporary absence.


Cover against loss or damage to a Park Home i.e. a 'building' on a temporary site with all facilities available. Theoretically, these homes could be moved without disturbing the ground on which they sit.


Cover against damages to your static caravan while on site.


Cover against damages caused to or by your Touring Caravan while being towed or on site.


Cover against damages caused to or by your boat while stowed,on its moorings or in use.


Cover against injuries to your horse or claims brought against you.


Cover against injuries or illness to your pet or claims brought against you due to actions by your pet.

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Please Note: LEA Financial Services Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to advise on and arrange non-investment insurance contracts. Some insurance contracts are not regulated.

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