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 Personal & Lifestyle Insurance

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Cover that will provide continuing income should you become ill or injured, thereby preventing you from earning a living until you recuperate. The policy should also enable you to meet all your committed outgoings during this period.


This cover is intended to meet your mortgage, rent or loan commitments in the event you have an accident or sickness that prevents you working. It can also help in the event of unexpected loss of employment. This policy differs from Income Protection in that it protects your ability to make payments.


Cover for costs that could be incurred if an event you are organising goes wrong or needs to be cancelled or if someone is injured, etc. The event can be indoors, outdoors, or in a marquee, from fete to festival, party to product launch, a conference or team building day, or simply a meeting or celebration. If you are going to incur costs, you need to know you that you are covered should something go wrong.


Cover for loss of personal belongings and medical expenses while travelling overeas. While the NHS may be able to compensate you for some of these costs, they will normally need to be met by you in the first instance. It is bad enough to become ill or injured wghile traveling, but the costs you may have to meet could be devaststing.

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