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Support for Your Business

The Directors of LEA Financial Services Ltd have a long history of working with owners of Small and Medium size businesses.  We understand that you are different from everybody else; you have your own slant on things and a Unique Selling Point that sets you apart from your competition.  Nevertheless, most SMEs have similar needs, in that you need to make every pound work for you to the best advantage while meeting all your statutory obligations and ensuring that you can continue in business whatever happens to the economy.

We are an SME ourselves and a family business to boot.  We know the forces that drive you and are therefore well-suited to work with you to help you achieve those aims.  We can and do partner with other professionals to ensure you get a full service that gives you the opportunity of making your business profitable.

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So, how do we do this?

Well, we do firstly have to learn about you and what sets you apart; what you are trying to achieve and when; what is impeding your growth or causing you concerns; what resources you have and any liabilities.  Armed with this understanding, we can then work with you and any other partners to map out your path.

Using this route map, we can then set in motion a number of options, which could include one or more of the following:

1. Incorporation of a limited company so as to:

  • Improve the credibility of your proposition
  • Reduce personal tax liability
  • Ensure continuity of the business
  • Reduce liability to Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax
  • Distribute shares to family members, employees or others in a tax-efficient manner
  • Take ownership of a freehold building on behalf of its tenants
  • etc

2. Raising finance to:

  • Develop land and/or buildings for occupation or sale
  • Buy freehold or leasehold property from which to trade or to let
  • Start a business
  • Expand an existing business
  • Conduct a Management Buy Out of a trading business
  • Acquire tools, vehicles, equipment or furniture for the business
  • etc.

3. Protecting the business from the effects of:

  • Public and employer’s liabilities
  • Professional or tradesman liabilities
  • Directors and Officers liabilities
  • Loss of key personnel
  • Loss of licences
  • Loss or damage to premises, stock, vehicles, tools, etc.
  • etc.

4. Assistance with:

5.  Development of:

  • Business Plans and Projections
  • Accounting and book-keeping basics

6. Promotional Activities:

  • Acquisition of web domains appropriate to your business
  • Development and construction of website(s) as a shop window for your business and, if required, for on-line trading
  • Search Engine Optimisation of that site
  • Development of Social Media pages for the site
  • Web and Email Hosting services

LEA Financial Services Ltd is an independent business, staffed only by family members and with a large number of connections in a range of professions and services.  If there is a service that you need that we cannot supply in-house, we are likely to be able to recommend someone who can meet your needs.

We do not keep normal business hours because we know you don’t.  Someone is usually here to take your calls even in the evening and at weekends