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Partnering with LEA FS

LEA Financial Services (LEA FS) is seeking closer cooperation with locally-based businesses so that expertise, knowledge and funding are retained within our own area rather than being distributed over the wider UK.  The South-West in general and Plymouth in particular have been hard-hit by the economic down-turn. To support local businesses in recovering more quickly, we need to seek out and partner with like-minded local businesses.

The directors of LEA FS have a long history of working with private individuals and businesses of varying sizes but we’re focussing on Small and Medium size business owners recently to help develop solutions with local trusted partners.  Most businesses need a number of specialist professional organisations to support their endeavours and, by collaborating in that support, we are able to hasten their recovery.

As an established Accountancy firm, you will have a wide array of businesses that you support ranging from small sole traders to larger corporates.

Ideally, the businesses you look after will grow dynamically; your clients will be gaining market share and improving their profitability and you will build on your relationships with them.

Unfortunately, things happen to impede progress; cash-flow may be temporarily inadequate; investments need to be made in plant and/or people or acquisitions are planned but the resources are simply not available.

We would like to build a relationship with you so that your clients can get the assistance they need at these times.

So, how can LEA FS add value to your proposition?

Business Growth

We would like to partner with you in supporting your clients with:

1. Raising finance:
  • For asset purchases
  • For development projects
  • To expand the business
2. Protecting the business and its owners with appropriate insurance products
3. Promoting the business via web-sites, etc.
4. Incorporation of a limited company – if this is a service you do not offer

Commercial Funding:

We can offer assistance with:

5. Secured Business Loans
6. Unsecured Business Loans
7. Asset-based finance
8. Asset Finance
9. Development Finance

Commercial Property:

We can help raise funds secured on these properties through:

10. Mortgages & re-mortgages
11. Secured second charges

We can also ensure these premises and assets are properly and adequately insured as we have access to a wide range of insurance providers of all kinds.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers:

While not as common as other situations, we have handled enquiries for assistance with funding for MBOs.  Most recently, these included the care sector and hotel business.  We intend to develop this side of our business and are in contact with a number of private banks and other institutions for this purpose.  We also have strong links with legal practices who specialise in this arena.

Residential Property:

The Directors of LEA FS have experience in a wide number of fields and the Company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority to advise on and arrange regulated mortgages and non-investment insurance products.

The firm is thus able to offer independent, unbiased advice to home-owners on the most appropriate mortgage and protection products to suit their needs.  In the event that business owners wish to draw down on the equity in their homes or other properties, we are able to assist them

So, can we work together?

Our aim is to build a relationship of trust between us such that you can engage us to work for your clients, safe in the knowledge that we will deliver a quality service that will meet the aspirations of those clients.

We would not compete with you on services that you already provide to your clients.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss our proposal with you and expand on the many ways we could assist your clients/business.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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